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In Sickness + In Health is an audio podcast, hosted by Cara Gael O'Regan, about our weird bodies, and issues related to chronic illness, disability, healthcare, and mortality. Y'know, the fun stuff!

It is a show where the personal is political, and where bodily autonomy, healthcare and disability rights are considered human rights without question.

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behind the scenes

In Sickness + In Health is hosted and produced independently by Cara Gael between her many naps and doctor appointments.

Cara Gael - Creator, Host + Producer

Cara Gael - Creator, Host + Producer

Cara Gael is a a multimedia artist, medical oddity, and flower fairy based in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. After two decades of lived experience with complex chronic illness, her trials navigating the healthcare system and society as a young sick person led her to seek out connection with other patients.

That continued odyssey is what fuels In Sickness + In Health, which has transformed an otherwise extremely isolating experience into something that has opened up her world.

Among other things, Cara wants to help expand the conversations about healthcare that so rarely include Actual Sick People, and fight for the rights of people living with chronic illness and disabilities.

Cara's painting, Syndrome, was published in the Fall 2015 issue of The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. She was also a Clue Ambassador for menstrual + reproductive health, and a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar in 2016.

She holds a BA in Contemporary Arts with a concentration in Screen Studies. You can also hear her as co-host of the Wistful Thinking podcast from the Cage Club Podcast Network. Her day jobs involve marketing, technology, and floristry.

Cara tweets about life and living with chronic illness @bimpse, and you can find her artwork on

Special Thanks

A whole hearted THANK YOU to each and every one of our guests on the show, each of whom have been so generous with their time and sharing their intensely personal stories and experiences with us.

Caitlin Carey for all the conversations, brainstorming and writing that went into getting this podcast off the ground
Robert Guizio for sound help
Vincent Tabulka for design + music help
Dominic Nicosia for early editorial help
Joel Kutz for guidance on podcasting